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To: BuShips (336)
Subj:   Low Visibility Paints - Modification in and Development of Gray Shades Nos. 46, 27, 21, 16, 11,i7, 5F, 3G.
Ref: (a) BuShips letr. S19-7(336)/60109 dated 22 June 1944.

1.      By ref. (a) the Yard is authorised to prepare preliminary manufacturing formulas for the subject paints, to be followed later by procurement specifications.

2.      Preliminary examinations of color chips and wet samples, submitted to the Yard as representing the subject paints, indicate that one of the shades desired, No. 3G, is of higher gloss than is usual with a camouflage paint. Sixty degree gloss determinations show No. 3G to have a gloss of approximately 40 units, whereas the remaining shades vary in gloss from 3 to 5 units.

3.      It is requested that the Yard be advised as to the gloss requirements of the subject paints.

4.      It is further noted, paragraph 2 of ref. (a), that the Bureau's recommendations as to the possible use of white paint, BuShips Specification 52P59 is apparently a typographical error. The Yard will give consideration to the use of either Formula 5-U or Formula #6 revised; and will choose the more suitable of these two in the basis of preliminary tests, unless otherwise advised by the Bureau.




     Route slips are often provided with documents but rarely provide anything more than initials and dates indicating receipt. One can sometimes trace a document through a command, but rather than printing names the various officers would use a number designating their section or office within the Navy Department. I have not located any sort of master list describing who each person was and the reader is left to guess as much as I have. In this case, however, some exchange was penciled in and thus this route slip is presented as well for the reader to deceipher. I have made efforts to provide a transcription of the cursive writing, but the penmanship below shows a similarity to how awful mine was when I last was a regular writer.

     It is interesting to note a mailing and internal routing time between Philadelphia Navy Yard and the Bureau of Ships in Washington DC of about ten days.

336 1944/7/10 This section was originally filled out but later erased.cx
332 1944/9/9 Please Furnish 336 with the gloss requirements desired.
336 1944-9-11

   ??? instructions have been sent to the Phila. Norfolk and Mare Island Yards that the ideal paint has as little gloss as possible provided it does not reduce the wearing properties of the paint.

   Many commercial matt paints have excellent wearing properties.

   In view of the above ??? no reply

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National Archives & Records Administration, College Park
Record Group 19, Bureau of Ships General Correspondence Files, 1940-45

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