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20 May 1944



To: Commandants, all Navy Yards
All Supervisors of Shipbuilding, USN
All Assistant Supervisors of Shipbuilding, USN
All Industrial Managers, USN
All Assistant Industrial Managers, USN
Subj:   APA's, AKA's, AP's, AK's, LSD's, LST's, LCI(L)'s, LCS(L)(3)'s, LCT(5)'s, LCT(6), LSM - Distinguished Numerals, Painting of.
Ref: (a) COMFIFTHPHIB (Admin. Comd.) Conf. circular ltr. No. 108 ACL-43 dated 8 Nov. 1943.
(b) COMFIFTHPHIB (Admin. Comd.) Conf. ltr, S19 Serial 10128 to BUSHIPS dated 5 Dec. 1943.
(c) CNO ltr. Op-23E-l-KRS(SC) S28-4 Serial 0135123 Doc. 110890 - 3 March 1944.
Encl:  (H.W.)
(A) Table shoving size and location of distinguished.numerals for landing craft.   1 Print

1.     It is the present practice to paint distinguishing numerals on either side of the bow of all surface vessels, with no letters preceding the numbers. The numerals are painted white, without shading, block type, 24 inches in height, with width of block stripe 4 inches.

2.     The Administrative Commander, Fifth Amphibious Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet in reference (a) issued the following instructions concerning the painting of designation numbers on APA's, AKA's, AP's, AK's.

       Designating Letters and Numbers of APA's, AKA's, AP's & AK's

(a)    Designating Numbers and Letters will be painted white, without shading, on each bow, and on each quarter of the ship, the letters will be block type 24 inches in height with width of block stripe 4 inches. The after edge of the after letter or figure will be placed approximately 30 feet abaft the bow (stem) and the bottom edge of the letters and numbers approximately 11 feet below the forecastle or upper deck. The letters and numbers on each quarter of the ship will have the group of designating figures and numbers located about as shown in the following diagram:






Sample for  APA ------------ PA12
AKA ------------ KA13
AP ------------ P14
AK ------------ K15

3.     Reference (a) also included instructions regarding size and location of distinguishing numerals for certain landing craft assigned to the Fifth Amphibious Force and requested in reference (b) that the Bureau instruct the Building Yards to paint distinguishing numbers on vessels of the subject classes accordingly.

4.     The Chief of Naval Operation in reference (c) approved the recommendations contained in reference (b) and requested the Bureau to prepare and formulate standard marking procedure for the subject vessels in order that the classes may be identically marked for all theaters

5.     It is therefore requested that distinguishing numerals be painted on APA's, AKA's, AP's and AK's in accordance with the fore going and that the subject landing craft have distinguishing numerals painted in accordance with enclosure (A).

E. W. Sylvester
By direction of
Chief of Bureau

CC: (with encl.)
Maritime Commission
OINC U.S. Naval Drydocks, Hunter's Point
CO U.S. Naval Drydocks, Terminal Island





National Archives & Records Administration, San Bruno, California
Record Group 181, Pearl Harbor Navy Yard General Correspondence Files, 1941-45

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