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Bureau of Ships
Washington, D.C.
15 September 1944



To: Commandants, all Navy Yard.
Supervisor of Shipbuilding, USN:
  Quincy, Mass.New York, N,Y.
  Annapolis, Md.New Orleans, La.
Assistant Supervisor of Shipbuilding, USN:
  Bayonne, N. J.Jacksonville, Fla.
Industrial Manager, Eighth Naval District Southern Coast
Commanding Officer, U,S, Naval Drydocks, Terminal Island, Calif.
Comnanding Officer, U,S, Naval Drydocks, Hunter's Point, Calif.
Commanding Officer, Industrial Command, U.S. Naval Repair Base,
  San Diego, Calif.
Commander Naval Forces, North Solomons
Commanding Officer, U.S. Navel Station:
  Taboga, C. Z.Navy #40
  Balboa, C. Z.
Commander Motor Torpedo boat Squadrons, 7th Fleet.
Subj:   PT's Assigned to the Pacific - Camouflage Painting.
Ref: (a) BUSHIPS conf. ltr. C-PT/S19-7(332b), C-EN28/A2-11 dated 5 May 1944.
(b) COMSERVPAC (FMO) conf. ltr. FM/C-S19/(70-8) serial 01930 dated 8 July 1944.
(c) BUSHIPS conf. ltr. C-S19-7(631-332) over C-EN28/A2-11 dated 19 Aug. 1944.
Encl: (H.W.) Drawings had been removed and were not with the report
(A) Reference (a) above - 4 Sheets.
(B) Basic camouflage design for PT's - 3 Sheets.
(C) Working drawings camouflage painting PT (Elco Boats) -
Measure 31      -    Design 20L    -     6 Sheets.
(D) Working drawings camouflage painting PT (Higging Boats) -
Measure 31      -    Design 20L    -     6 Sheets.

1.       Reference (a) is cancelled & superseded by this letter.

2.       In accordance with reference (b), enclosures (B) through (D) cancel and supersede all previous instructions for camouflage painting of PT's assigned to the Pacific. Pattern camouflage, in compliance with enclosures (B) through (D), should be applied to subject vessels under construction at the first opportunity. This design should be applied to PT's in service when repainting is necessary.







3.       The provisions of reference (c) should be followed in applying and reporting this camouflage painting.

4.       Countershading should be omitted on ships camouflaged with design 31/20L.



E. W. Sylvester
By direction of
Chief of Bureau













National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
Record Group 181, Ship Files, 1940-50
Declassification Review NND 958357

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