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Serial 595

18 January 1945


From: Commander Service Force, Pacific Fleet, (Fleet Maintenance Office).
SUBJECT:     Camouflage Gray Paints-Change in Specifications.
References:     (a) BuShips ltr. S19-7(336)EN28/A2-11 of 21 Nov. 1944.
(b) Pac. Flt. Memo 5M-43.
(c) Pac. Flt. Notice 8N-44.

     1.     Reference (a) is quoted for information and guidance:

  "1.  Maintenance painting of vessels and equipment for camouflage purposes has been accomplished in most instances by the provision of a white base paint. Formula 5-U, Specification 52P25, and a blue-black tinting material, Formula 5-TM, Specification 52P42, the two to be mixed in the prescribed proportions to yield the several gray paints for vertical surfaces called for by the camouflage designs. For horizontal surfaces, a ready-mixed blue-gray deck paint has been provided. The blue-black tinting material and the deck paint require substantial quantities of ultramarine blue pigment. The available manufacturing capacity for this pigment is unable to meet the Navy's requirements without a serious delay in delivery of the finished products.

  "2.  Decision has been made to modify existing specifications for the camouflage gray paints by eliminating ultramarine blue pigment from the formulations, and to issue all of the gray paints in ready-mixed form, with lampblack the only tinting ingredient. This will make available more neutral shades of gray paint; will not compromise the value of the camouflage designs; will simplify manufacture and avoid the variable shades in batches of gray paints mixed from time to time by field activities from separate containers of white base and tinting materials. This decision applies to the production of light gray, haze gray and ocean gray paints.

  "3.  A new gray paint, designated as Navy gray, will be created, with characteristics similar to the paint now known as Navy Blue except that it will be made with lampblack as the only tinting ingredient. Similar action will be taken with respect to exterior deck paint. Navy blue paint will continue in effect for use in Measure 22 only.

  "4.  The paint manufacturing yards. Mare Island and Norfolk have been authorized to stop the manufacture of blue-black tinting material, Formula 5-TM; to begin the manufacture and issue of the new light gray, haze gray, ocean gray, and Navy gray paints in ready-mixed form; to stop the manufacture of outside deck blue paint Formula 20-B; to begin the manufacture of outside gray deck paint conforming to Specification 52P43 except that lampblack shall be the only tinting ingredient, and designating the formula as No. 20; and to continue the manufacture of Navy blue paint as required for Measure 22 only, designating it as 6-NB. The Yards have also been instructed to label containers of the respective new gray paints as:
  Number 37 Light Gray (5-L)
  Number 27 Haze Gray (5-H)
  Number 17 Ocean Gray (5-O)
  Number 7 Navy Gray (5-N)
The number designations refer to the reflectances and make a convenient and abbreviated identification for each paint; for example, "No. 37 gray" means a neutral gray of 37 percent reflectance. The Yards have been instructed also to make a composite shipment of equal quantities of all four of the gray paints totalling in volume the quantity of white base and tinting material ordered together or singly by existing requisitions, shipment orders and requests on hand and those received in future.


  "5.  The following instructions shall be followed by the addressees to conform to the changes noted above in camouflage painting practice and paint procurement:

(a) Continue the issue and use of white base and blue-black tinting material to produce the specified paints, until stocks are exhausted.

(b) Continue the issue and use of blue deck paint, Formula 20-B, Specification 52P48, until stocks are exhausted.

(c) If dependent upon the output of the paint manufacturing yards for the maintenance of camouflage paint stocks to meet the needs of ships in commission and new construction, begin to order the several paints in ready-mixed form as the situation demands in anticipation of the later non-availability of the blue-black tinting material.

(d) If dependent upon contracts and orders with paint manufacturers for supply of camouflage paints to meet the needa of new construction, conversion, or deck machinery and topsides equipment, continue with present specifications until new leaflet specifications are made available.

(e) Apply the respective new neutral gray paints, when available, in accordance with the camouflage design details; light gray, haze gray and ocean gray where 5-L, 5-H and 5-O respectively are indicated on the plan. Apply Navy gray paint, where symbol 5-N is indicated, except in Measure 22 where Navy blue paint (formula designation 5-NB) shall be continued for the area now indicated for 5-N. Apply gray exterior deck paint, Formula 20 where symbol 20-B is now indicated.

(f) For other shades of gray as may be indicated on plans, utilize mixtures of the new standards with either outside white. Formula 6, Specification 52P28 to obtain-lighter shades or with Navy gray to obtain darker shades.

  "6. Paint manufacturing yards, will continue to fill requisitions, shipment requests or orders for white base paint, Formula 5-U where it is specifically indicated that it is required for the purpose of consuming stocks of blue-black tinting material.

  "7. Standard color chips, as formerly, will be made available to contractors and prospective bidders by the Test Laboratory, Philadelphia Navy Yard as soon as the leaflet specifications are issued.

  "8. It is requested that special attention be given by all addressees to the dissemination of the foregoing information to personnel in their command who are concerned with painting details, because of the drastic and important changes effected. Supply Officers, District Camouflage Officers, First Lieutenants, Officers-in-Charge of CB units doing painting, Master Painters and other Paint Foreman Supervisors are in this category."

     2.     It is requested that attention be given by entire distribution list to the dissemination of the foregoing information to personnel in their command who are concerned with painting details, or recognition, in view of the change in color characteristics.

     3.     No change or modification of present directives, references (b) and (c), governing the allowance of paints carried on naval vessels is intended by the above information and instructions.


 By direction

  Case 3
  List I     A-M, S, U.
  List II    F, K.
  List V     D-I, DD.
  List VI    A.
  List VII   A.

National Archives & Records Administration, College Park via C. Lee Johnson at USNDazzle.com
"Bureau of Ships General Correspondence Filed Under Filing Classifications DCHI to DMS66, 1940 - 1945"

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