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          Commandant's Office
Puget Sound Navy Yard
Bremerton, Washington


9 August, 1941.

Subject:    Camouflage Painting.

     1.     The Commandant has no desire to interpret the directives issued by the responsible Unit Commanders of Forces Afloat. It is desirable, however, to bring to the attention of all who may be concerned the wide variation in the procedure being followed by various ships in respect to camouflage painting.

     2.     Ships of the Thirteenth Naval District are following the general requirements of Measure One of "Ship Camouflage Instructions, United States Navy, Ships - 2". This Measure requires that the dark gray paint be carried up to the height of the stack and that surfaces above the top of the stack level be painted light gray. In those vessels where the stack is lower than the pilot house, Thirteenth Naval District Vessels have been directed to carry the dark gray to the top of the pilot house and finish off the ship's structure above that level with light gray.

     3.     It is noted that the BARNEGAT and PLATTE are not carrying out Measure One in that they are using no light gray on surfaces above the top of the stack level. Several of the District Craft which have arrived in the Navy Yard from conversion yards are also completely painted in dark gray. Steps will be taken to correct this type of paint.

     2.     The Atlantic Fleet vessels, it is understood, are at present adopting a composite style of camouflage painting, designated as Measure Twelve. (While Measure 12 wasn't officially "defined" until Ships-2 Rev 1 released in September, it is interesting to note that it is mentioned here a full month before the release of the revised Ships-2)This Measure is indicated as follows:

     (a) Hull to level of first continuous sheer (deck) line - sea blue (dark gray).
     (b) (1) Supestructure - above line of sea blue (dark gray) of (a) - to level of top of high turret (s) or equivilent - ocean gray.
(2) All masses (whether solid or "clustered") above the turret level without regard thereto - Ocean Gray
     (c) Pole masts and their yards - and slender upper works above (b) - haze gray (light gray).




MEMORANDUM for Ships Present and Yard Activities Concerned.

Subject:  Camouflaged Painting.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

     5.     It is suggested that the BARNEGAT and BISCAYNE conform to Measure 12. It is likewise suggested that all ships of the Fleet, including vessels of the Naval Transportation Service operating in the Pacific, conform to the camouflage style of painting prescribed by the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet.

C. S. Freeman
Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy,
Commandant, Thirteenth Naval District.



















National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
Record Group 181, Central Subject Files, 1940-50

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