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Bureau of Ships
Washington, D.C.
13 February 1945



To: Commander, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons, Pacific Fleet.
Commander, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron, Seventh Fleet.
Commander, Hawaiian Sea Frontier.
Commaader, Panama Sea Frontier.
Commander, Western Sea Frontier.
Commander, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadrons, Training Center,
  Melville, R. I.
Commander, Eighth Fleet.
Commander, Twelfth Fleet.
Commander Naval Forces, North Solomons.
Subj:   PT's Assigned to the Pacific - Camouflage Painting.
Ref: (a) BUSHIPS conf. ltr. C-PT/S19(631-5l6-8l6) over C-EN28/A2-11 of 15 Sept. 1944.
  (b) COMSERVPAC conf. ltr. to BUSHIPS Aux/C-S19/(70-8) Serial 04394 dated 30 Dec. 1944.
  (c) BUSHIPS conf. ltr. C-PT/S19-7(332b) over C-EN28/A2-11 of 5 May 1944.

1.       By reference (a), which outlined the current Bureau camouflage policy for the subject craft, measure 31, design 20L was the only pattern authorized. By reference (b) Commander Service Force, Pacific Fleet, requested that reference (a) be modified to place the choice of camouflage measures used with the above addressees.

2.       Therefore, by this letter the Bureau modifies reference (a) for craft in service by re-instating its earlier PT camouflage policy outlined in reference (c) as follows:

The Bureau authorizes the above addressees to have such camouflage measures applied to PT boats under their cognisance as in their opinion are the most effective in carrying out their respective missions.

3.       It is requested that the addressees forward to the Bureau brief reports with photographs and comments as to the camouflage design finally decided upon, and the effectiveness of the measure under different lighting qpsditicas aad background.

4.       New construction is to continue to be painted in accordance with reference (a). Because of the continual possibility of transfer of boats in service and possible resulting delay, it is not feasible to try to paint the boats at the building yards in accordance with the desires of individual commands as outlined in this letter for craft in service.





5.       The Bureau is collecting and re-examining all present PT Boat camouflage plans to bring them up to date. These plans will be forwarded to the above activities for information and guidance in selecting the most desirable pattern.

COMDTS, All Navy Yards
SUPSHIP, Annapolis, Md.
SUPSHIP, Quincy, Mass.
SUPSHIP, New Orleans, La.
ASTSUPSHIP, Jacksonville Fla.
INDMAN, 8th N.D.
CO, USNDD Terminal Island
CO, USNDD Hunter's Point
E. W. Sylvester
By direction of
Chief of Bureau












National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
Record Group 181, Ship Files, 1940-50
Declassification Review NND 958357

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