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Serial  0382


  16 January 1945

From: Commander Air Force, Pacific Fleet.
To: Commander, Service Force, Pacific Fleet.
  (Fleet Maintenance Office).
SUBJECT: Camouflage Measures.
REFERENCES:    (a)  ComAirPac Conf. ltr., Serial 05496, dated 5 Dec 1944.
(b)  ComAirPac Conf. ltr., Serial 05588, dated 11 Dec 1944.
(c)  ComServPac Conf. Spdltr., Serial 04254, dated 22 Dec 1944.
Enclosures: (A) Camouflage Measures desired for Combatant Carriers.

     1.       References (a), (b) and (c) expressed the policy for assignment of camouflage measures to ships under ComAirPac Command. Enclosure (A) is forwarded to supplement these references. Attention is invited to the fact that the new organization for all carrier divisions makes two departures necessary from the desires stated in paragraph 2 of referenue (c); viz., measure 12 should be applied to BON HOMME RICHARD (CV31) and to CORAL SEA (CVB42) instead of measure 21.

     2.       By copy of this letter BuShips is requested to have measure 12 applied to BON HOMME RICHARD during post shakedown availability.


s/ F. W. McMAHON
   Chief of Staff.

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Enclosure (A)

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National Archives & Records Administration, Seattle Branch
Record Group 181, Ship Files, 1940-50

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